Wedding & Party Favors


We have had many requests to show how soaps can also be used as gift favors for special occasions, here are a few samples.  We used a simple white soap and took some fabric flowers and different ribbons to show you how they could look.  Our regular bar size is 5 ounces, the price reflected here is for 1 bar of soap without decorations.  If you wish to make a smaller, more economical soap favor, we can work from a budget and find a size that works for you.  Here are two additional photos of soap sizes, small guest size and medium at 3.5 oz on average each.  Because this would be a special order, we would need to set this up through the email so we can accommodate your needs better.  Pricing is per ounce - each ounce is sold at $1.35, call us with your special order for pricing and shipping estimates.