This is a great word to describe the feeling I get when I work with soaps.  The scents and the pure act of measuring and mixing oils and ingredients makes me happy and exhilarates me incredibly.  I think the mood enhancing properties of fragrances has a lot to do with it, but also, the fact that I love to make things that others can also use.

I have been practicing natural home remedies on myself and everyone around me, including the dogs, for decades.  I love to fill my home with the aroma of incense and flowers, to take care of my body with natural lotions and oils, to take long warm baths.  You might agree there are few problems that a good, warm bath will not be able to solve!

So it came to be that I thought it a good idea to create a line of toiletries and bath products, things that I myself use on a daily basis.  Preparing for the new phase of my life took two years, educating myself with books, talking to a great friend of ours who is an incredible chemist and online resources on the process of making soaps, lotions and toiletries.  After spending over a year testing recipes, we have chosen our favorites and are now ready to sell through our online website.

We would love to hear your comments, and invite you into our journey as we develop our products and step into this wonderful natural world of handmade soaps and toiletries.

We are all very excited with this new endeavor, we hope that you will feel just as energized when you use our products and follow us as we grow and expand.

Start your day with a handmade soap made by loving hands,